Thursday, 19 November 2009

Event, Meet Social Media, Part Two

What a temptation it is for the naive. 'Let's put the tweets on screen - it's the innovative coming together of event and social media'. It's remarkable how the live public screening of a previously unseen tweet will change the nature of that message. Usually for the worse. Herding can ripple instantly through a room. Here's one instance via @ExponentialEdge :
as Danah Boyd of Microsoft is twitterbullied by the crowd at Web2.0 Expo, New York last week.

Let's not name the awards event in London where the first tweet following arrival of the MD on stage was 'bloody's that boring old bloke again'. The brand owners were pleased they had decided against displaying message on the big screen behind the hapless man. It had been part of the plan until a couple of hours before the show.

It's a lot of power to hand to an audience. But at least it's not a vote for life or death.

Not yet.

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