Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Short Story of Signal and Noise

Two weeks back I asked five London venues - really good venues - to quote for a small daytime conference. The total billing would be in the region of  £25k. Three of them came back to me straight away. Two venues didn't respond at all.

Seems the problem was that I was being over-optimistic. The enquiry was sent by email.

On second asking both business deniers said - 'ah, spam filters! We sometimes miss stuff that way'

So what is it that they are paying attention to? And is it wrong to think that not so long ago they may not have needed to filter so much stuff? Or that in recent history they might just have had time to check for gold washed into the filters?

Talk is cheap - attention comes pricey. Or ... take care of the pounds - the pennies will take care of themselves.

I would like to have illustrated this post with a still from Monty Python's cheese-shop sketch but I'm not messing with that IP.