Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tweet to Page One

No politico wants to look like an ass. So all errors on social media should, whenever possible, be ascribed to 'a junior member of staff'. But if it's important enough not to end up on the front page of The Sun, then it's also too important to leave all the tweeting to junior. Otherwise one might end up looking like an ass.

Of course, if you're a red top reader maybe you're unlikely to know twitter first hand. If you read a broadsheet you're unlikely to know it either. That's because almost no-one is on twitter. Almost the entire population of Earth is not on twitter.

And so, this is product - like soaps and reality TV, a world that papers can filter and sell on to consumers. This is all very welcome with voicemail hacks out of bounds. The Sun is bringing readers the Very Best of Twitter - the howlers.

And so, as far as attracting eyeballs, getting it right is rubbish. Perfect political, for that matter, perfect commercial messages are noise, and will be ignored. The 'wow' signal that everyone's waiting for - is the error.

So don't ask 'was the Ed Miliband story, tweeted by a junior member of staff important enough for the front page?' It's was important enough for The Sun.

Postscript: you can shoot your mouth off the old-fashioned way about Tourette's but it is more difficult to blame the tea boy.