Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Premium Network pt 1

Time was when we all knew that cyber-liberation would come when the broadest of broadband penetrated the farthest of far places. This utopian vision predicted that a crofter's farm in the islands could be part of a great knowledge economy. Anyone would be able to work anywhere.

The crofter now has millions of possible connections with a low entry price. Cheap connections. Valuable possibly, but cheap. The price of communication is rock bottom. Everyone's doing it. Facebook relationships are normal relationships.

So what do we do to be outside of this norm? How do I enhance this relationship? If social media is ubiquitous, what is it that costs more, takes more effort and offers more sensory data? What is the premium product? What offers the competitive advantage?

It's travel. It's the trip to town. The digital crofter has a broadband connection. The guy in the middle of the city has a broadband connection and a possible six million real life face to face ones slap bang in the middle of influence.

Otherwise successful digital businesses with real influence would have no need to choose London or New York. Simple network mathematics.

Here's a graphic of a network:

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